RAM will join the battle for electric pickups in 2022/2023

The new fad of American manufacturers is not the electric SUV, but the emission-free pickup. And the Fiat-Chrysler group would be tempted with the RAM brand.

After rushing into the sedan and electric SUV segment to follow Tesla’s path, American manufacturers have found new nonsense with electric pickups. The benchmark to be shot, the Tesla Cybertruck, has given birth to many models, including the Lordstown Endurance, the Rivian R1T or the very recent Hummer.

The RAM brand (utility arm of the FCA group) could also enter the battle with a new zero emission utility. This is what Mike Manley, boss of Fiat Chrysler, said in an interview relayed by Detroit Free Press: “There will be an electrified RAM pickup on the market, and I’ll just ask you to stay tuned for a little while, and we’ll tell you exactly when that happens.”. Words much clearer than three months ago, where the brand did not know which direction to take.

On the trail of the Hummer?

It seems then that the Hummer by GMC has come to shake up FCA’s plans for electric utility vehicles. Because if the group is not yet well established in the electric segment, an electric pickup would be the right entry point in the United States, where demand is still very strong for these vehicles.

FCA has not released a release schedule for the electric RAM pickup. However, it should arrive at the end of 2022-beginning of 2023. It will then have to do as much, if not better, than the Hummer or the Cybertruck, which have already set the bar very high in the technical chapter.


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