Range of Model S climbs a notch to 658 km according to EPA

The Tesla Model S continues to aim higher in terms of range: the electric sedan now announces a radius of 658 km.

Available in the manufacturer’s catalog since 2012, the Tesla Model S has never ceased to evolve. And especially in the technological chapter with autonomy always postponed from one year to the next. While it just recently climbed to 402 miles of EPA range (nearly 646 km), the electric sedan still scoops up a few miles.

As indicated by our colleagues from Electrek, informed by one of their readers, the Tesla Model S would now be credited with an EPA range of 409 miles. In any case, this is unequivocally indicated by an official document from the organization present in a copy fresh from the factory.

Almost 11 km more autonomy to afford the skin of the Lucid Air?

At this time, neither the EPA nor Tesla have updated their respective sites or provided more information on this matter. On the other hand, Palo Alto should very quickly express itself on this very slight increase in autonomy and on the updates that have made it possible to climb to this value of 658 km. Note, however, that this new measurement shows an average of 116 MPGe against a value, better previously, of 117 MPGe, while the consumption of 29 kWh / 100 miles remains similar.

But it’s quite clear that this range increase is countering the entry-level Lucid Air, capable of aiming for 406 miles of range, or 653 km. The difference is ridiculous, but enough to boast of the first place in the little game of who has the best. Note also that this increase in range comes after a drastic drop in the base price of the Tesla Model S, whose $ 67,920 is below the € 69,900 of the Lucid Air.


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