Ransomware: Blackmailers want to publish “Watch Dogs Legion”

Ironically, Ubisoft’s latest game “Watch Dogs Legion”, in which one slips into the scooter of a hacker gang, is said to have been the target of a cyber attack shortly before its release at the end of October. As reported by ZDnet, the hacker group Egregor is said to be responsible for the attack. Egregor is the name of a ransomware. It is unclear whether the group of the same name is related.

No claims so far

Egregor claims to have made a copy of the game. You are now threatening to publish the source code. In addition to Ubisoft, the Frankfurt game developer Crytek is said to be affected by the attack. Egregor members confirmed to ZDnet that the developers’ systems were “completely encrypted”.

Neither Ubisoft nor Crytek are said to have responded to messages from Egregor. However, concrete demands have not yet been made. Usually such blackmailers demand a certain amount. If this is paid for, those affected will regain access to their data or the hackers will not disseminate any further captured information.

Data surfaced on the network

Neither Crytek nor Ubisoft have commented on the reports yet. According to ZDnet, about 20 MB of data from Ubisoft have appeared on the network that are supposed to be authentic. Whether the data actually comes from the new Watch Dogs Legion or an earlier part of the series cannot be verified. Another 300MB of data could be related to Crytek. This is not a matter of code, but of documents.

During the corona pandemic, there were increased attacks on companies. The smartwatch manufacturer Garmin was particularly affected. The company said it responded to the blackmailers’ demands and paid the requested sum of 10 million US dollars.


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