Rapid ring lap: Tesla Model 3 with tuning extras is fun for the driver and fearful for the passenger

In his job as marketing manager for the Croatian electric car developer Rimac, Misha Charoudin had the pleasure of testing a prototype of its hyper sports car, the C_Two, which even made him cry. But he is cooler on his private YouTube channel, for which he drives various cars over the German Nürburgring, not only electric ones. He was recently there in a normal Tesla Model 3 Performance and already impressed. And now he showed a ring lap in another Model 3, which, however, unlike the first, was specially modified for such racing applications.

Tesla passenger increasingly stressed

Even the first Tesla Model 3 Performance was one of the most impressive cars for him, says Charoudin at the beginning of his new video. However, it shows weaknesses on the race track. “Great drive, great control, shit braking, shit suspension”, summarizes the experienced tester, disrespectful and disrespectful. But the man can be helped: A viewer offered him to try his Tesla Model 3 Performance instead. Together with the rental company, he presents the modified electric car: lightweight 19-inch rims with wide road racing tires all around, large brakes from the Tesla Model S, chassis conversion from Mountain Pass Performance.

With this Tesla racing machine, Charoudin sets out on another lap of the demanding Nürburgring. Next to him is the owner of the Model 3 – and he seems to have given his Tesla a racing conversion, but at least not having much experience as a passenger on the track. Because the longer the journey increases, it makes more and more strenuous noises and clings to the door handle when the driver brakes brutally before bends or passes them with maximum lateral acceleration.

Charoudin at the wheel, on the other hand, has fun all the time and effortlessly leaves combustion after combustion behind him on the ring. Because, unlike his first attempt in the standard Tesla, the braking performance does not decrease during the entire journey, as he happily confirms – and continues to demonstrate. He also praised the tires and the suspension, including the set-up.

Driver wants a Tesla now

The drive of the Tesla Model 3 Performance, however, has not been changed here either, and so towards the end of the 20-kilometer route the same effect occurs as before when driving in the series model: the battery gets too warm, so that the performance decreases somewhat . And there is another temperature problem: According to Charoudin, the tires also get too warm because he hadn’t reduced their pressure to a lower racing value beforehand – but that can be easily changed, unlike underdimensioned brakes. Otherwise, however, the performance Tesla got exactly the racing changes that it needed. “Man, I want one,” he says.

Time measurements are forbidden for everyone during the Ring rides, so that ambitious drivers do not provoke accidents on the full route. But he did have a look at the video, says Charoudin, and announced a time of 8 minutes and 13 seconds – although towards the end there was a lack of power and the tires were too hot. This means that the Tesla Model 3 is a “weapon” on the race track, he says. Now tuning companies would only have to worry about better cooling.


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