Raptor Lake: i9-13900K can be overclocked to 6.5 GHz

The flagship Core i9-13900K already runs at a boost of 5.8 GHz. Overclocking is also possible above 6 GHz.

Intel has significantly increased the clock rates for its upcoming CPU generation. The flagship Core i9-13900K can already reach 5.8 GHz in Boost by default. This applies at least to the performance cores, one or two of which can work so quickly. If, on the other hand, three to eight of the P-cores are fully utilized, it is still 5.5 GHz. If you don’t want to be satisfied with that, you can resort to overclocking. This brings more than 6 GHz within reach.

6.5 GHz is possible

Intel itself also assumes that 6 GHz is quite realistic. Overclockers even expect that an incredible 6.5 GHz can be achieved on one core. This is already possible with an inexpensive air cooler, which should keep the CPU below 90 degrees Celsius. This allows all P cores to run at 5.7 GHz. However, it should be considered that the power consumption increases to 300 to 400 watts, so the power supply unit also has to play its part here.

Performance with all cores significantly higher

The first results in Cinebench R23 certify the Core i9-13900K 2,292 points. The predecessor scored 2,020 points. The increase in performance is a good 13 percent. However, Raptor Lake’s lead is even greater when it comes to the utilization of all cores. Here the difference is 40,662 to 27,682 points and thus almost 47 percent. The additional eight E-cores probably play a major role here.

870 euros for the high-end processor?

Intel plans to launch its new Raptor Lake CPUs on September 27th. Unfortunately, the new CPU generation should also be more expensive than the previous generation. Rumors assume a price increase of 12 percent. The Core i9-13900K could then cost $729. Converted into euros, this would be an impressive 870 euros including taxes.

Intel Core-i-13000: All information about Intel’s “Raptor Lake” CPUs

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