Raptor Lake: Intel promises processors with 6 GHz

The fastest Raptor Lake CPUs are said to reach 6 GHz, and even 8 GHz are possible under laboratory conditions.

The new CPU generation Raptor Lake from Intel relies on higher clock rates in order to achieve better performance. Intel has now indicated that there should also be models of the new processors that can reach a clock speed of 6 GHz in the standard settings. This would put Intel 300 MHz above the clock rate of AMD’s upcoming Ryzen 7000 processors, which should reach a maximum of 5.7 GHz. However, it remains unclear which specific Intel CPUs will actually achieve such a high clock rate.

As a special model or later?

It is therefore not yet certain whether the 6 GHz processors will appear in the first wave of Raptor Lake CPUs. It could also be special models of the KS series. Either way, Intel promises a 15 percent increase in computing power on one core with Raptor Lake, and even 41 percent more performance is possible with all cores.

World record: 8 GHz

Intel also has a new world record to report: By cooling with liquid nitrogen, one of the upcoming Intel CPUs could be overclocked to an incredible 8 GHz. However, this record, which was created under laboratory conditions, is unlikely to have any meaning for end customers.

Specifications will follow shortly

When exactly the chips of the 13th Core i generation will appear remains to be seen. However, Intel already has its sights set on the next CPU generations with Meteor Lake or Lunar Lake. Information on this and also the exact specifications of the upcoming Raptor Lake processors are expected in the coming days and weeks when the corresponding embargoes for reporting are lifted. Then hopefully information about the prices and power consumption of the new Intel processors will follow.

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