Rare Ferraris, Corvettes and Porsches: Collection to be auctioned

Vehicles from the barn where 300 cars were found.

Vehicles from the barn where 300 cars were found.


A find of 300 cars will make car lovers’ hearts beat faster. As the Youtuber and restorer Larry Kosilla shows, Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Corvettes were discovered in three barns.

According to Kosilla, the owner of the collection wants to remain anonymous. However, he allowed the Youtuber to film a tour of one of the barns. The auto expert was also tasked with restoring a Bizzarrini P538 that is said to be worth nearly a million US dollars (928,000 euros).

Kosilla posted the video footage of the tour of one of the three barns for its 1.35 million subscribers on its YouTube channel AMMO NYC.

Several rare racing cars and vintage cars

The video – which was filmed prior to the coronavirus pandemic – was first released on April 10. As of April 20, the video already had 2.2 million views.

It is no surprise that the find has sparked the interest of millions of viewers. The barn is full of rare vehicles from the US and Europe, including cars from Ferrari, Ford, Oldsmobile, Matra Djet and Rolls-Royce.

Even Kosilla has not yet seen the full collection. This is in part due to the fact that the coronavirus pandemic has prevented several of its plans for further viewing and work on the collection.

Barns with 300 cars, including rare Ferraris, Corvettes and Porsches, have been hidden for 30 years. Now the collection is to be auctioned.

This text has been translated from English by Franziska Heck.


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