Ratchet wrench: all information, prices, function

It’s every screwdriver’s nightmare: You just want to take something off the car – and the screw won’t come off, it’s hidden or the wrench is just too long. Here can a Ratchet wrench Help – it belongs in every tool case.

What is a ratchet wrench?

The ratchet wrench is like a ring spanner whose ring can be rotated in one direction and locked in the other via a freewheel, also known as a ratchet. So you can put the ratchet wrench on a screw and gradually loosen or tighten it without having to remove the ratchet wrench again. That is above all practical when the screws are difficult to access: Then the ratchet wrench is an absolute secret weapon. That is why it should be part of the basic equipment of every car mechanic. With its ratchet, which gives small swivel movements a big effect, screws can be easily tightened or turn it out – even in the smallest of spaces.

Important: There is no such thing as one ratchet wrench for all cases. The offer on the Internet, hardware store or tool trade ranges from ratchet wrenches with a ratchet to ratchet wrenches with reversible double ratchets to ratchets combined with other wrenches or even entire ratchet wrench sets. If you want to be prepared for all eventualities, you should think about a small set with the most common sizes.

What do you have to look out for when buying a ratchet wrench?

Which ratchet wrench is the right one? That depends on the purpose. A ratchet wrench of the correct size is sufficient for loosening or tightening standard screws. In order to cover the most common wrench sizes, we recommend purchasing a set with sizes from 8 to 19 mm. With the help of these gradations in 1 mm steps, many common screws can be tamed. But be careful! The right material is important. A Ratchet wrenches should always be made of chrome vanadium steel – This tool steel is rust-free and almost indestructible.

In a broader sense, ratchet wrenches also include ratchets with nuts. By combining the ratchet with a wide variety of nuts, it is extremely versatile. However, the ratchet is – in comparison to the conventional ratchet wrench – not so easy to use in confined spaces.

These are the most popular ratchet wrenches

The offer is large and ranges from very cheap to expensive professional equipment. Accordingly, it is worth taking a look at the Amazon bestseller list. The screwdrivers trust the most Gedore red telescopic ratchet, which costs a good 53 euros in a set, can be pulled out – and is therefore very flexible to use. This is followed by the BGS Do it yourself 517 reversible ratchet, which can become a versatility champion with the help of various nuts, but it also needs space. Third place goes to the Wera Joker combination ratchet wrench set, which combines open-end and ratchet wrenches, but is also significantly more expensive than the competition at around 161 euros.

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