rbb scandal: 700,000 euros for doing nothing and a one-time bonus system

The rbb scandal never ends. Now it is reported that a manager gets 700,000 euros for doing nothing. In addition, rbb has developed a bonus system that is unique within ARD.

Business Insider started the affair about the resigned rbb director Patrica Schlesinger. But more and more inconsistencies come to light: Business Insider has now disclosed further examples of the wasteful handling of the rbb with the radio contributions, the amount and use of which is discussed again and again anyway.

A lot of money for doing nothing

The rbb continues to pay “supposedly retired employees” a salary. until they retire. Business Insider cites the specific case of the managing director of a subsidiary of rbb, who left, but will continue to receive his full salary until he retires in 2026; The ex-manager should get 700,000 euros for doing nothing from rbb broadcasts. There should be several such cases. The current RBB management was involved with these contracts. However, the rbb does not comment on this.

Business Insider also reports that rbb paid over 450,000 euros to freelancers without them having to work for it. It is mainly about cameramen, who were guaranteed regular assignments by rbb. But the rbb did not have enough orders for these employees.

ARD directors no longer trust the rbb leadership

On August 20, 2022, the directors of all ARD broadcasters (including Bayerischer Rundfunk, whose technical director has been criticized for their generous company car regulations and well-paid part-time work) announced, with the exception of rbb, that they would be transferred to the acting rbb management Hagen Brandstätter no longer have any confidence in dealing with the various incidents. The editorial committee of rbb has also asked the management to resign after consistent reports, as reported by Spiegel Online.

rbb maintains a bonus system that is unique in ARD

Only a few days ago it became known which bonus system was introduced for the rbb directors some time ago; this bonus system was further expanded, particularly under the resignation of Patricia Schlesinger. This bonus system should only exist in this form at rbb. It is now referred to internally as the “Hofschranzen-Boni” system and was apparently largely unknown to the employees of rbb before the Schlesinger affair. The rbb also concealed this bonus system in external communication, as reported by the Tagesschau, citing Business Insider.

This bonus system provides for “basic remuneration” and “performance-related remuneration”. The rbb does not say exactly what you have to do in order to meet the requirements for “performance-related remuneration”. In addition, rbb deliberately avoids the term “bonus” for image reasons and instead speaks of “performance-related remuneration”. Employment lawyers see no difference here.

An administrative director like the heavily criticized Hagen Brandstätter receives 230,000 euros in basic remuneration and 30,738 euros in “management-related remuneration”. In addition, there is a gross vehicle allowance of EUR 500 per month and a net expense allowance of EUR 250 per month.

More resignations at rbb

On August 20th, 2022, Friederike von Kirchbach, Chairwoman of the rbb Broadcasting Council, resigned. After Patricia Schlesinger, who was dismissed as director of rbb, and Wolf-Dieter Wolf, who resigned as chairman of the board of directors, she is the third executive at rbb to lose her position. The public prosecutor’s office is investigating against Wolf as well as against Schlesinger.

The rbb broadcasting council itself is heavily criticized. Because he has obviously not fulfilled his control tasks in rbb.

The rbb broadcasting council had decided to dismiss Patrica Schlesinger as part of a termination without notice. But how exactly their departure goes on stage is still completely open. In particular, the question of a severance payment for the ex-director affected by numerous affairs and her lavish pension entitlements are in the room.

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