Re-Ment releases new Pokémon figures from the Terrarium Collection

Pokémon fans are really getting their money’s worth right now. As well as announcing the remakes of Diamant and Perl as well Pokémon Legends: Arceus there are also new figures: Re-Ment brings new variations of the Terrarium Collection onto the market. The Poké Ball represents its own little world in which up to two of the little monsters cavort.

The new figures will appear on June 26, 2021 and should cost around 6 euros each. Which of the six terrariums you get remains a surprise until you unpack. Only if you buy a box with six figures can you be sure of getting one of each version.

Spring, summer, autumn and winter

Re-Ment is thematically oriented towards the four seasons. You can get these six terrariums in the new collection:

  • Elfun in a meadow with a cool breeze (spring)
  • Fynx next to a flowering tree (spring)
  • Pikachu surfing on the back of a mantirp (summer)
  • Mimigma and a pumpkin next to a carved pumpkin (autumn)
  • Emolga, who is comfortably eating an apple on a branch (autumn)
  • Glaziola in a Snowy Japanese Garden (Winter)

There have been several collaborations between Pokémon and Re-Ment in the past. For example the Re-Ment Pokémon Botanical Collection. The Terrarrium Collection has already received several waves of new figures.

via Siliconera, images: Re-Ment, Nintendo / Creatures / Game Freak / TV Tokyo / ShoPro / JR Kikaku, Pokémon


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