Reactions: Whatsapp gets more emojis for instant answers

In Whatsapp you will soon be able to react to incoming messages immediately with an emoji. The new feature is called Message Reactions. Contrary to what was initially assumed, there are probably more than just six emojis.

Instead of the previously known six reactions (like, love, laughter, surprised, sad, thank you; see below), Whatsapp will probably offer even more of these reactions, which are immediately available as answers, as soon as this innovation is activated for all users. Because WABetainfo discovered a “+” sign in a current beta version for Android. So as soon as you tap Reactions on the right under a message, you get a selection bar with the six known reactions and a “+” symbol to the right.

It is completely unknown which reactions are offered to users as soon as they tap the “+” symbol. But in analogy to Facebook Messenger and Instagram, one could assume that all existing emojis are available as reactions.

It is not known when WhatsApp will release reactions for all WhatsApp users on iPhones and Android smartphones.

Overview: These are the reactions

Whatsapp gets “Message Reactions” with which you can immediately reply to incoming messages without having to compose a reply message. WABetainfo already had that via Twitter in February 2022


The Message Reactions are six new emojis at the launch of this feature, as can be seen from the screenshot published by WABetainfo:

According to WABetainfo, the message reactions should be included in the next beta for both Android and iOS. The emojis are end-to-end encrypted, just like the messages, as WABetainfo writes.

Purpose of the innovation:

If you receive a Whatsapp message, you can react immediately with a Message Reactions. The six emojis are offered to you to choose from when you open a message. The emoji you reply with will then appear in the lower-right corner of the message. This works with text messages and with pictures.

release date

What Whatsapp unlocks the Message Reactions is still unknown. At the editorial deadline on April 7th, 2022, the reactions are not available in the final versions of Whatsapp for Android and iOS.

WABetainfo is a blog specializing in reporting what’s new in Whatsapp. WABetainfo constantly scans beta versions of the popular messenger for new features before they are incorporated into the final version of Whatsapp.

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