Read deleted Whatsapp messages – this trick works

With a trick you can still read deleted messages in Whatsapp. We’ll show you how.

Have you received a message in Whatsapp, but the sender deleted it? If the chat says “This message has been deleted”, you can unfortunately no longer read it with the on-board tools. But there is a clever way of reading WhatsApp messages that have been deleted in the future.

Read deleted Whatsapp messages: This app works

In order to be able to read deleted messages in Whatsapp in the future if necessary, you need an external app. This app logs all received notifications from your cell phone, which you can even use

can retrieve deleted messages including pictures

. One such application is, for example, the “Notification History Log”. Of course there are other log apps, but this one is rated very well with over a million downloads. In fact, this trick works

only with Android phones

, iPhone owners are looking down the tube here. Whatsapp notifications must also be activated, but this is the case by default.

Download the free Notification History Log directly on your smartphone from the Google Play Store and set up the English-language app. You will be guided through the setup step by step and have to grant it access to the notifications and the memory, among other things. You can use the app free of charge. However, if the displayed advertisements bother you, you can switch them off with the premium version for 5.99 euros.

Notification History Log shows WhatsApp messages even though they were deleted by the sender.


Notification History Log shows WhatsApp messages even though they were deleted by the sender.

If you have now received a WhatsApp message that your contact has subsequently deleted, then open the “Notification History Log” app and proceed as follows:

  • In the Notification History Log, tap Advanced History.

  • Now tap on the corresponding Whatsapp entry and then on the chat contact.

  • You will now see the deleted message.

  • If a photo has been sent and deleted, this is indicated by a camera symbol. To see this, tap the message.

Important to know:

You can only view deleted WhatsApp messages with the app from the time of installation. Before using the app, make sure that you allow the app full access to your notification, including personal information and the content of the respective messages. At this point we would also like to point out that some messages are deleted by someone for good reason.

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