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If you have created several users in the Fritzbox, it can happen that one or more passwords are forgotten. With the help of a small command line tool, however, the passwords can be read out in plain text.

The prerequisite for this, however, is that you still have access to the box with your main user. This is how it works: First of all, download the Fritzbox tools from Michael Engelke. These are available on the website as a 7z archive, i.e. in the format of the 7-Zip compression program, or as an EXE file. Please unzip the archive into any folder.

You can now download the PHP scripting language from the Internet. Now select the zipped version VS16 x64 Thread Safe (for a 64-bit Windows) or VS16 x86 Thread Safe (for a 32-bit Windows) on the website. Right-click the zip file, select “Open” and then copy the files “php.exe” and “hp8ts.dll” into the Fritzbox tools folder.

Start the command prompt by typing cmd in the taskbar search window and go to the Tools folder. There type in fb_tools.bat and confirm with “Enter”. The command fb_tools follows [Passwort]@ config export-decrypt [Dateiname]. [Passwort] stands for your login password for the Fritzbox, for [Dateiname] enter the name of a text file, e.g. result.txt.

Michael Engelke wrote the Fritzbox Tools with PHP for the console and offers them free of charge as freeware on his website.


Michael Engelke wrote the Fritzbox Tools with PHP for the console and offers them free of charge as freeware on his website.

In numerous cases, the following message appears: “No config received – the security confirmation function may still be activated?” This means a security function of the Fritzbox that ensures that a confirmation code is also required when changes are made to some security-relevant settings. The entry is then made via the telephone keypad, alternatively you can also press a key on the Fritzbox or use the Google Authenticator.

You have to temporarily deactivate this function in order for the Fritzbox tools to work. Log in to your Fritzbox and call up “System -› FRITZ! Box users – ›Additional confirmation”. There, delete the checkmark in front of “Also confirm execution of certain settings and functions (Recommended)” and then click on “Apply”. However, you should activate this option again after reading out the passwords in order not to endanger the security of the Fritzbox.

Now repeat the entry of the above command. The created users and passwords, including the WLAN passwords, then appear in the command prompt. In addition, the Fritzbox Tools create a text file with the name you have defined and fill it with further information about your router.


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