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Various pilots are taking place throughout the Netherlands this month in which people can participate in cultural activities and events, provided that a negative corona result can be shown upon arrival.

A lot of readers are looking forward to it, but are critical. According to them, going out sounds fun, but not if you have to take a corona test first.

Henk van Zanten, for example, believes that this creates a dichotomy in society. G. Van Driezum also thinks that: “We don’t think a one-off pilot is a problem, as long as it does not become the standard. Everyone must know for themselves whether he or she wants to be vaccinated or not. We just hope that there will be no discrimination! ”

Jenny van Klei is one of the few readers who writes to participate in a pilot. She used to go to the zoo no less than twice a week. She was in the lead when the tickets went on sale again. But: “I think it is also safe to go to the zoo without a test. I hope that all animal parks can be visited quickly without a corona rash. ”

No use

Why would you bother a large group of people with measures, mouth masks, vaccinations and now again test certificates? Put those millions of euros in expansion of ICs and other care, that is more useful.

A. de Vries

Animal lover

As soon as I could, I made a reservation for Ouwehands Zoo. I miss the visit to the zoo. I find such a pilot exciting, but I am glad that it allows me to see the animals again.

Jenny van Klei

Prefer vacation

We do not queue for an amusement park. However, we are eagerly awaiting news about countries that will reopen so that we can go on holiday again.

Leo Verkerk

Makke sheep

The Dutch let themselves be led to the slaughter like sheep. They do not realize that the government now determines who, where and for how long you can participate in events. In my opinion, a large part of the population suffers from total insanity.

LM Stevens

Out of stock…

Unfortunately I did not manage to get tickets for the concert of my favorite band Altın Gün in Paradiso in Amsterdam. Out of stock. How I miss going to a show with friends! I think it would be nice to be able to experience a concert again.

Nancy van den Dongen


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