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A few days in a holiday home in your own country: you have to give something for it. Due to the corona crisis and the travel measures, the holiday homes are so popular that they can be 30 to 40% more expensive during the May holidays.

Many readers are unwilling to pay the top prize and go for an alternative. Lucy Blom writes: “It goes against my principles to spend so much. We have therefore booked a hotel on the beach for 60 euros per night. We don’t need more than a clean bed and a shower. ”

André Winkes calls the landlords who charge high prices ‘money grubbers’. “Prices are raised so that they can earn from someone else’s misery. They should be ashamed of themselves. ”

Expensive or not, Petra Sloot and her family of four have booked a large bungalow park for the summer vacation: “2,600 euros for one week. Then we haven’t eaten or drunk yet … “

Some landlords don’t go for the big bucks. Kitty van Deventer rents out three holiday homes for the normal price: “Not everyone wants to get the most out of it.”


For 900 euros we can stay in a house on Texel for fifteen days. Close to the sea and adjacent to the forest. Small but comfortable with a dishwasher and washing machine. It is possible, but you have to look carefully.

Rina de Korte


Last year we would go to Slagharen for a midweek. For a weekend in high season we now pay € 600. Lots of money, but I understand; the parks have already suffered a lot of loss.

Carly Brentjens

Shame on you

With those weird high prices, we are definitely not going to rent a holiday home. All those landlords should be ashamed of the prices they charge!


Normal price

Those ridiculously high prices don’t make me feel good. That is why I rent the mobile home in our garden for a normal price. For 40 euros per night you can stay with us with two people, even in high season. Not everything is about making money.

Hanneke van der Munnik

Share the costs

We go to Schiermonnikoog for a week with the (grand) children during the autumn holidays. We pay 1600 euros for a luxury detached house. We share the costs with the children, so it is still payable.

Willem Tates


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