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The responses to our call to share your best winter sports moments show that many of you would have liked to be on the skis this winter.

For example, Leo Verkerk in Westendorf (Austria) celebrated his 60th birthday during a ski trip. “My daughter taught the little ones there and my son came from abroad to celebrate. We really enjoyed it! ” On the enclosed photo we saw a radiant Verkerk.

We also received a poignant message from Ingrid Reichmann. “My husband Rob passed away five months ago. We had already booked our winter sports holiday and would go back to Kirchberg, Austria with our four children. My best memory was there together with Rob, when we went up in the ski lift with a beautiful sun on our heads. Above nothing but silence, tranquility, the feeling of being on the roof of the world. We promised each other to never forget how beautiful our life was together. ”

It remains to be seen whether skiing will be possible again in 2021. Until then, we will have to make do with our beautiful memories!

F. Compagner: My first winter sports trip was in Mayrhofen, Austria with friends and sisters. We danced along in the overcrowded Ice Bar l’Amour toujours from Gigi d’Agostino. Misted by the beer and the vodka red bull. When I hear the opening chords of that song, my thoughts go back to 2001.

Bert Karst: Three years ago we were in Val Thorens (Fr.). We only had clear blue skies and plenty of sun. The more than 600 km of slopes were perfectly prepared, which meant that we covered extremely many kilometers. Interspersed with a nice lunch and a few drinks after skiing. A perfect ski trip.

J. Belling: On the way by train from Visp to Arosa in Switzerland. Those snowy mountains and forests … Beautiful! In the evening in the village enjoyed roasted chestnuts, hot chocolate and pastries. Although skiing is not very much for me, I would like to make another train journey like that.

Robert Duyvestijn: Years ago we were in Gerlos, Austria. We were the first at the ski lift at 8.45 am and had a groomed slope with 5 cm of fresh snow: amazing. Great to pull your tracks through fresh snow.


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