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Reactions were raining this week when we asked about your experiences with foreign rental cars. Not that it is always doom and gloom, most of you have a reliable party where you rent more often, but it has not escaped you that car rental companies make money in all kinds of ways by charging extra costs: for cleaning, an extra driver or for collection of the car outside office hours.

“The revenue model is in the sale of extra insurance,” writes Hans de Bruijn. “They do everything they can to make ‘refusers’ (people with outside insurance) as unattractive as possible.”

Moreover, it is sometimes unclear who will deliver the car now, writes Goffe Walsweer who had arranged a car with Easyterra for his holiday in Portugal. Easyterra had placed this with Dollar. Dollar arranged the car through Hertz. After minor damage, we were able to contact Auto Europe. We are still waiting for the payment … ”

Richard van ‘t Hooft tells us how important it is that you check everything on your car and take photos of damage. “Also the tire condition, pips or cracks in the windscreen and the interior.”

Inspect well

Jeroen Kirch: “We often rent a car from the cheapest rental company at Nice airport. It is important that you inspect the car upon receipt for damage greater than 5 cm that is not stated on the contract. The deposit is refunded after a week. ”

Always wrong in Southern Europe

Paul Beuse: “Always wrong in Southern Europe. We have had bad experiences in Southern Europe: blocking an amount on your credit card, vague charges and unsolicited extra cover … The top point was at Faro airport. Our car arrived too late at the return point due to crowds. Paid an extra day. ”

Always fine

Paul Engelen: Only good experiences with rental cars. Do check in advance who you are renting from. We are now doing it at because there you can compare a lot. On arrival in Alicante or Valencia never had a problem with nagging sellers for extra insurance. People ask once and then no more. ”

Good faith

Tarik Machielse: In June I flew in Iceland to remote Isafjörður. Had booked a car through Hertz, but their counter was closed, there was a Hertz number in Reykjavik. She struggled to catch. Then someone brought the keys without checking my ID or signing anything. About the return, he said: “Give the keys to the airport staff, it will be fine.”


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