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Now that we are no longer allowed to travel due to the corona crisis, we just wander in thought. We asked you about your best holiday ever. That produced a rush of beautiful memories. Like that of Herman Willink, who met his American travel buddy with whom he now explores the world during a train trip to a polar bear safari in Northern Canada.

Mirjam Velstra drove 10,000 kilometers with her boyfriend on their Honda Goldwing in three weeks, including Chicago, Memphis and Washington. She still dreams when she hears John Denvers Country Road.

In any case, Elly Ouwerkerk has made a pleasant (time) trip through this call in her mind: “That is a difficult one, I have had so many beautiful holidays. From a tour through Japan, to a wonderful trip to Zanzibar. But also Bali, South Africa, Thailand, Guatemala, Belize, Brazil and much more. So many wonderful memories. ”

Special holidays do not have to be far, as it turns out. Take Hans Wouters, who is simply happy “In the middle of the IJsselmeer”. Or Ed van Langen, who prefers to go to Scotland with his wife. As it is said: luckily we still have the pictures!

Just like in the movie

We love mountains and the German Krimi and therefore visited the recording locations of Soko Kitzbühel and Rosenheim Cops, and last year to Wismar for the recording of Soko Wismar. In between the shooting days, we thoroughly enjoyed Mecklenburgischen Seenplatte. Delicious sandwiches with smoked fish! If the situation and our health permit, we will go again this year.

Johan Dierink

Down under

With dot on 1 Australia. We drove 7000 kilometers and everywhere we went, the beach or in the cities, the mountains or even in the middle of nowhere, it was great. Especially thanks to the kindness of the people. It was not cheap, but something to remember!

Leo Verkerk

Copper wedding

Our trip then went via Sri Lanka to the Maldives. The reason was our 12.5 year marriage, which I wanted to celebrate there. The tsunami hit there three months later, and at the time, there were also problems with the Tamil Tigers.

Colombo airport looked like a fortress, but we had a very special time and will not forget our copper wedding!

Hennie Rutgers


In 2017 we were evacuated with our family during a group trip to India and Nepal after floods. Yet it was the trip of a lifetime. The Taj Mahal and beautiful temples, the special rituals such as the burning of the corpse in Varanasi. Nepal was also very beautiful, although we did not see everything because of the evacuation.

Esther Nijhuis-Wilke


My first time in Japan was 40 years ago; a journey full of surprises. Due to delay, my sister and I missed our connection and we were accommodated in a new five-star hotel. We crossed the country by train and stayed at people’s homes. They found us separate: two young women who went out alone. We were in the papers and appeared on Japanese TV. Unforgettable!

Elisabeth Buijtelaar

Love vacation

My best vacation was to the Dominican Republic, to Sosua. That was our honeymoon 28 years ago. A nice memory was the barbecue on the beach with the sunset. Wonderful holiday with the love of my life.

Hubertine Oever


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