Real Gooische Mothers fly to Maastricht by private jet

The ladies take a nice break with the five of us. “Even without the men”, they say in the latest episode of Real Gooische Mothers. They all leave in Pauline’s car, but she does not drive to Maastricht, which leads to some confusion. “We will go to Maastricht”, Pauline then begins. “But we’re not going with my car, not by train, not with taxis. We are going with a private jet!” That then causes hysterical enthusiastic screams from her friends.

Fortunately, it is not a daily expense for the ladies to fly over the Dutch landscapes with a private jet. “It is chic, it is very chic”, says Kimberly. Florine: “That’s not normal, is it? This is once in a lifetime. “

The Real Gooische Mothers Kimblery, Pauline, Leslie, Bo and Florine again guarantee the most hilarious statements this time. You can see the best ones in the video below.


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