RealityScan: Epic app turns smartphone photos into 3D objects

Epic Games’ new app can create a 3D digital object from a series of smartphone photos.

Epic Games announced a new smartphone app this week called RealityScan. The software is able to calculate a digital 3D object from a series of smartphone photos, which can then be integrated into a game or project. As an example, Epic Games shows a chair in a video demonstration that is scanned from multiple photos and created as a 3D object.

Beta test with 10,000 participants

RealityScan is currently available in beta through Apple’s Testflight platform. The test is limited to 10,000 users. At least 20 photos of the object in question are required to create a 3D scan. These are made individually via the app or by pressing and holding the record button. Meanwhile, the user should move slowly and steadily around the desired object. Once the photos have been taken, they are sent to the Sketchfab platform, which creates a 3D object from it within a few minutes and makes it available to the user on its website.

Android version also planned

RealityScan is scheduled to be released as an early access version for iOS after the end of the beta phase in the spring. An Android version is also planned for this year. However, Epic has not yet given any specific dates.

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