“Really deep pit”: Tesla gets permission for a suspected battery hall on Giga premises

It has recently become known that Tesla intends to revise the not yet finally approved applications for its Gigafactory in Grünheide near Berlin to such an extent that a new public participation is likely to be necessary. Brandenburg’s Minister of Economic Affairs Jörg Steinbach estimated that three months would pass from the start of the design before approval is possible. The new applications do not seem to have been submitted yet – but Tesla has apparently found a way to prepare its battery production in Grünheide, which has been confirmed together with the revision.

Tesla application for a separate hall

At the end of April, Tesla initially announced in its Q1 report and on the order pages on the web as well as through statements by CEO Elon Musk that Model Y from the German gigafactory will not be available until the end of this year. The next day, the state government of Brandenburg informed about the new Tesla plan to revise the Gigafactory applications and also to take into account the production of battery cells.

A hall to the east of the long Gigafactory main building is apparently intended for this, which Tesla initially referred to as a pure warehouse for its service in the region. As early as January, when the applications for this (unlike for the Gigafactory only at the building authority of the district) became known, there was the assumption that a later conversion for battery production could be planned. Tesla later confirmed this possibility – and the news of the joint application with the rest of the Gigafactory from the end of April should mean that it will also be realized.


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Regardless of this, the separate procedure for the hall, which was only applied for as a warehouse, initially seemed to continue. At the end of February, the district approved the laying of the foundation for it. Tesla construction workers began to make the outline for it recognizable on the brownish floor – as it turned out, the western outer wall of the hall with its beveled corner is a mirror image of the already finished Gigafactory main building to the west of it. And according to a report by Tagesspiegel, the district confirmed this week that the building permit for the “warehouse” has now been granted.

Foundation for battery factory casing

In line with this, the Gigafactory observer @ Gf4Tesla published drone recordings of the preparations for it on Thursday. The pit for the previously approved foundation will be “really deep”, he commented on the excavator work on it and in it, which in some places actually seems to be a few meters deep. After approval as a warehouse, building construction should also begin soon – and Tesla will then probably use this shell with a deep foundation to accommodate its cell production technology after the overall approval for Giga Berlin. As always, the company ultimately has no time to lose: According to earlier statements by CEO Elon Musk, its first mass production of battery cells is to be set up in Grünheide and will reach a capacity of a whopping 100 gigawatt hours per year by the end of 2022.


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