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Recipe for the day: sin with a lemon curd trifle | Lifestyle

That’s why there’s a maliciously delicious dessert on the menu tomorrow: one Trifle. This is an English dessert consisting of lady fingers or cake, a layer of liqueur (such as port, sherry or Madeira) fruit, custard, whipped cream and some fruit for garnish. The nice thing is that you can make it however you want. This time we’re going for convenience: you really don’t have to make some ingredients yourself. After all, it is weekend.


We go for a lemon curd trifle with red fruits. It’s very easy: spread the lemon curd on your slices of cake first and cut the cake into small squares. Layer this at the bottom of the four trifle glasses. Pour some limoncello over the pieces of cake so that it becomes a bit soggy. You put a layer of red fruit on top (of your choice), followed by a layer in our case

whipped cream custard (although custard is of course also possible). You put a dollop of firm, whipped fresh whipped cream over this; add sugar to taste. Finally, crumble a piece of candy cake over the whipped cream.

Necessary for four people:

– 4 trifle glasses

– 4 slices of hotel cake

– jar of lemon curd

– bottle of Limoncello

– 4 handfuls of red fruit to

choice (eg

raspberries, blue

berries, blackberries)

– Ā½ liter of whipped cream custard

(or custard)

– fresh whipped cream

– sugar (optional)

– candy cookies


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