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Recipe of the day: Chicken strips with aioli | Columns

We’ll stick to the grill for a while, of course. It will be less, that weather this weekend, but still tasty enough to cook outside. And in that case I have this tirras de pollo con aioli on sale. Yes, just chicken with garlic mayo, you can call it that.

In any case, mix wine, oil, bay leaves, red pepper, thyme and cumin, salt and pepper. Striking, always that combination of cumin powder and thyme (or oregano). For a Dutchman, that flavor combination is immediately southern. Cut the chicken fillet into strips and place in the marinade. It doesn’t have to be hours, an hour is enough. Rather in a cool place in the kitchen than in the refrigerator, though. Mix parsley with the breadcrumbs. Oh, and clean the garlic and squeeze it through your mayonnaise. Yes, now you can use your sweet Zaanse.

Make sure the grill is nice and warm. Pass the chicken through the breadcrumbs and grill the strips browned and cooked for five minutes. Carefully turn over so that it does not stick.

And before eating, with the fingers of course, take the chicken through the mayo, pardon aioli.


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