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Recipe of the day: chicory in a jacket | Culinary

Necessary for 2 people:

• 4 heads of chicory

• 4 eggs, 2 boiled, and 2 beaten

• 4 tbsp breadcrumbs, sifted and divided into coarse and fine

• salt

• 1 dl olive oil

• green Tabasco9

• 1/2 tbsp herbal vinegar


So boil the stalks. Two minutes is enough. Then remove from the water and drain. I always cut them lengthwise so that they also dry on the inside.

Now pass the stalks through the beaten egg, then through the fine paneer, then again through the egg and then through the coarse paneer. It takes some work, but then you also get something. Put butter or coconut fat in the pan, a lot and let it get hot

Fry the chicory nicely brown all around. With a bit of luck you can serve chicory in a jacket. Take your time. Meanwhile cut the eggs into slices. Mash the egg yolk with some olive oil and vinegar until you get a soft sauce. Add the finely chopped shallot and some capers.

A drop of green Tabasco is also allowed. Little salt. Serve the baked chicory with egg white and egg sauce. And a bowl of steaming potatoes. I’ll have a German steak with it. And drink a deep dark stout next to it. Because of the bitters. You can’t get enough of that in the spring


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