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Recipe of the day: cod with aioli | Lifestyle

Do you have trouble with raw eggs? Not me, and with the lemon juice in this sauce, crazy bacteria will hardly stand a chance. One thing, you eat aïoli right away. And don’t let yourself be standing next to a hot stove for hours. That is asking for trouble.

Squeeze the lemon, peel the garlic cloves and press them through the garlic press. Then mash two egg yolks with the garlic until smooth. Then, very simply, let the food processor run, then add the oil drop by drop and turn until a smooth smooth sauce is formed. It is therefore thinner than those aïoli from a jar in the supermarket. Now add the lemon juice again dripping and season with salt and pepper. So simple. Oh, yes, salt the cod fillet and let it rest for half an hour. Then rinse and poach in hot water, close to a boil, for eight minutes. Remove from the water and drain. Serve all of this with a mountain of healthy vegetables and lots of aioli.


• 2 egg yolks

• ½ lemon squeezed

• 6 cloves of garlic

• 250 ml of olive oil

• salt and pepper

• 400 gr cod fillet


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