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Recipe of the day: dreaming with green cabbage | Lifestyle

Meat, of course, but many more delicious vegetable preparations, from duck croquettes to lasagna of vegetable pancakes. Season after season, he comes along with the harvest and teaches you what to do with it. Helped by two friends, Sandra and Santi. They were monks, but now they cultivate the earth and Jonathan takes what the land yields with the greatest respect. Even so, yesterday I gave the recipe of the beurre café de Paris. Wonderful name, eh, but the recipe just comes from Jonathan himself.

Turn on the grill in the oven. Cut green cabbage into 1 cm thick strips. Add olive oil to the pan and simmer the vegetables in it for 5 minutes. Let it drain well and even express. Divide the green cabbage over four oven dishes, put 1 spoon of beurre café de Paris in each dish and then grate the old cheese over it. Gratinate under the grill for 10 minutes until the cheese is crispy. Watch out, your table companions will want to hug you. Green cabbage can be that tasty. And the rest of the butter: on a piece of nicely grilled meat, or a little with the baked potatoes. You really won’t be left with this for long. With that book, dreaming ahead of you.

Necessary for 4 people:

• 1 green cabbage

• 150 gr beurre de café de Paris

• 200 gr old farmhouse cheese

• 1 tbsp olive oil



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