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Recipe of the day: Duck breast with orange sauce | Lifestyle

You buy duck breast with a thick layer of fat on it. And that’s what it’s all about. Cut the fat side so that diamonds are formed. Heat high under the pan and place the duck breast on the fat side of the pan. Let go. Stay off until the grease punctures and the grease side is nicely brown. Heat on half, turn the duck breast and fry the other side in its own fat. Three or four minutes is more than enough. Remove from pan and set meat aside warm.

Fire high.

Now you put the cognac in the pan. Let go for a moment, then pour in the orange juice. Grate a tiny bit of orange over it. A spoonful of honey. Mix something with a little cornstarch.

Or, and that is a bit trickier, beat in ice-cold cubes of butter with the whisk. Cut the duck breast into nice slices and serve the sauce on the side. Add chicory.

Necessary for two people:

• 200 gr duck breast

• 2 tbsp cognac

• 1 dl orange juice

• zest of half an orange

• 1 teaspoon of honey

• ice cold butter


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