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Recipe of the day: hanging mussels Lifestyle

First we are going to make a curry sauce. Braise shallot and lemongrass in some butter. That is to say: let the flavor gently release in moderately warm butter. Ten minutes. Deglaze with coconut milk, cream, lime juice and a little chicken stock. Add sambal and the red curry paste. Curry paste can be bought ready-made. Take a good look at the box. There is a lot of fake. I mean, there are many curry pastes that are mainly made up of artificial seasonings and salt. I always take Fairtrade’s (although the taste has become a bit too mild for me). In short, it is worth looking for something to your own taste.

Reduce the sauce to half. A little salt and pepper, just sieve the sauce.

Wine and onion in the mussel pan. Add some pepper, a little bit of garlic. Cook quickly. Shake briefly, then 3 more minutes. When the shells are open, they are ready. Cooking longer means rubber balls.

Pour the mussels into a table bowl without their own liquid. Pour the curry sauce over it. Add bread. Blond foamy beer. The beautiful weather is coming! This includes mussels!

Required for 4 people:

• 2 kg of hanging culture mussels

• 1 shallot, chopped

• 1 lemongrass stalk, cut

• 3 dl coconut milk

• 1 dl cream

• Juice from a lime

• 1 dl chicken stock

• 1 tsp sambal

• Salt and pepper

• White wine

• 1 onion in rings

2 tsp white pepper


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