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Recipe of the day: kale with … cheese ?! | Lifestyle

More and more readers are asking for vegetarian recipes. Or at least alternatives. And certainly smoked sausage and bacon, many find too much of a good thing. I always put a bowl of hard-fried bacon with kale. And then I put the sambal, the soy sauce and the seroendeng (roasted coconut with peanuts) on the table. The writer of this dish said something funny, she had a vegetable garden and put her kale in the freezer immediately after the harvest. Then she would not have to cut, but could smash the vegetables into very small pieces. If you have the opportunity and you see beautiful kale somewhere, ring the bell and ask for Stonkje. Eat immediately that day. Then you really know how delicious kale really is.

Cook the kale almost done. Boil the potatoes and make puree with the boursin and some milk. Season with salt and pepper. Put a dash of olive oil in the wok and fry the onion, garlic and then the mushrooms. Now fry the kale in it, until it is cooked. Spoon the puree into a large bowl, then add the kale on top, but leave some space on the outside, because you will then crumble the Danish blue on it so that it can melt on the warm puree. ” A spicy version where you certainly do not miss bacon and sausage. Or maybe, a few fried bacon?


• 750 g kale finely chopped

• 750 g potatoes

• 1 carton of milk

• 150 gr boursin

• 100 gr Danish blue

• 200 mushrooms

• 1 onion

• 1 clove of garlic


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