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Recipe of the day: omelette with shallot sauce | Culinary

Necessary for 2 people:

For omelette:

• 5 eggs

• 3 tbsp milk

• salt and pepper

For the sauce:

• 3 shallots, finely chopped

• 1 glass of red wine

• 100 bacon bits

• 3 tbsp flour

• 3 tbsp butter

• 2 dl milk

• 2 tbsp chopped chives or wild garlic, finely chopped


Put the shallot with the red wine in a pan, let it simmer until the wine has boiled away. Push the shallot through a sieve. Melt butter and stir in the flour. Then add the sieved shallots. Pour in enough milk until you have a smooth thickened sauce that you season with salt and pepper. Let it cook for a while.

Fry the bacon. Remove from pan.

Add some butter to the pan, beat the eggs with a little bit of milk and fry an omelet. Sprinkle chives or wild garlic over the egg, fold in half and pour over the sauce. Sprinkle with bacon. Nice spring dinner, right?


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