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Recipe of the day: Pastry boxes filled with mushrooms Lifestyle

Oh, that’s nice, a cup of mushrooms. That is from old times. Get those little pie bowls. These types of dishes are very old, there was a time when everything was put in a dough and baked if possible. Then you could grab a filled “sandwich” and eat it right away. Yorkshire pudding is a good example of this. But we are not going to do that. You put those ready-made pastries in the oven for a while until they feel as fresh as canals.

Then you fry the shallots. Soft that fire, soft those onions, take it easy, take it easy. Oh, and chopped, beautifully chopped. The mushrooms also chopped but not all, here and there a nice cut mushroom, so you see what you eat. And now with the Noilly Talk. Immediately that French fragrance at home. You smell, as it were, all the herbs that go into this special vermouth. You can reduce it a lot, just before it is gone and the taste is just a thimble of condensed moisture, add the cream. Reduce until it sticks slightly thick around the mushrooms.

And then the finely chopped marjoram. It is now growing like crazy and can be firmly addressed.

A little salt, a lot of pepper. In the trays. For then to enjoy the silence.

Needed for four:

• 300 gr dark mushrooms, finely chopped

• 2 shallots, finely chopped

• 1 knob of butter

• 1 glass of Noilly Prat

• 1 ½ dl thick cream

• 1 tbsp fresh chopped marjoram

• 12 small pie containers

• salt and pepper


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