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Recipe of the day: pork chop with tarragon | Culinary

Necessary for 2 people

• 2 tasty thick (butcher) chops

• butter

• 2 tbsp tarragon leaves

• 1 dl dry white wine

• salt and pepper


And then you put a pat of butter in the pan. Add a little oil if you like it, I don’t have to. I like two lumps of butter even better. It just depends on what nutritional science has driven you crazy. Pork chops in it. Allow five minutes on one side, then turn around and 4 on the other. Drain the butter from the pan. Salt and especially nice pepper on the chops. Add the tarragon leaves. The wine with it. Just put a lid on, two minutes.

Then put the chops on a warm platter, reduce the wine until it is just moist, then stir in a cold fresh pat of butter, beat with a fork and then pour over the chops. That makes you very happy!

Oh, add two types of vegetables. Are you healthy again?


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