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Recipe of the day: sauerbraten | Culinary


• 600 gr beef (ribs)

• 3 dl dark wheat beer (Paulaner, Franziskaner)

• 2 dl tarragon vinegar

• 1 thin leek cut into pieces

• 5 carrots

• 1 onion, sprinkled with a few cloves

• 1 slice of gingerbread

•pepper and salt

• 3 tbsp butter or lard

• 2 tsp cornflour

• 3 heaped tbsp cream

• plenty of parsley


Start with the marinade. Take a glass of dark whey beer, tarragon vinegar, leek, carrots, onion and a slice of gingerbread. And some salt and pepper. Mix and put the meat in there. One night in the fridge and before going to sleep, turn around. Then you remove the meat from the marinade and pass it through the flour and fry it nice and brown in lard or clarified butter. Then add the marinade and let it simmer very gently for about 2 hours. There must be enough moisture in the pan to make a sauce later, so sometimes you have to top up with a little hot water. Remove the meat from the pan and press as much of the vegetables and the sauce as possible through a sieve. Mix with the cornstarch and the cream. Let it warm up again. A little salt, a little pepper? Cut the meat into nice slices and put it back in the sauce. Serve with lots of parsley over it. Serve with, for example, a La Trappe Dubbel.


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