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Recipe of the day: seriously yummy omelette | Lifestyle

With smoked haddock in it, which makes it all taste very tough. You actually have to have a good non-stick pan for this, or some old trusted cast iron like I have where the baking edge has now become a smooth mirror. Really, once every two weeks I hide that pan from the cleaning lady because she always wants to attack him with soap.

To work: put the haddock in a pan just under water and bring to a boil, remove immediately and let stand for 10 minutes. Then drain and drain and remove skin and bones. Separate the fish meat with a fork.

Melt the butter, add the fish with the 2 tbsp cream, heat gently. And put it away. Beat the egg yolks with 1 tbsp cream. Beat the egg whites until stiff and carefully add the egg yolks, fish and half of the cheese. Turn on the grill. Let the pan get hot, pour in the egg mixture. When the omelet is well formed at the bottom, pour the rest of the cream over the top. Then add the rest of the cheese and now slide it under the grill. Golden brown to mouthwashing. Add a salad and delicious food.


• 100 g smoked haddock

• 30 gr butter

• 2 tbsp cream

• Split 4 eggs

• 65 ml cream

• 50 gr grated Gruyère cheese

• 30 gr butter

• salt and pepper


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