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Recipe of the day: Simply tasty pancakes | Lifestyle

With yeast. Plain dry yeast at the supermarket is very good. And now go get flour at a decent shop. And buckwheat, it makes your pancakes so deliciously fluffy. It looks like you can get on a hundred. You bake in butter, nothing as dirty as pancakes in margarine. If you want it all spectacularly tasty, take raw milk butter. You can buy it in any Moroccan supermarket. There is nothing better than when the butter is fragrant and creeps around the edges of the pancake and you can almost see how they get just that little bit crunchy.

Put the flour in a bowl. Dissolve yeast in a little milk. Add all ingredients except the butter and stir well into a batter. Leave alone for at least an hour. And then of course put butter in the frying pan and fry the pancakes. Serve them with candied ginger chips. What you might have stirred in a little butter and whiskey? Or just syrup of course. Oh yes, when you have bought everything, do you calculate how much a package of ready-made pancake mix costs?

Needed for 8 thick pancakes:

• 200 g wheat flour

• 100 g buckwheat flour

• 4 gr yeast grains

• 5 dl lukewarm whole milk

• 1 egg

• 2 tbsp oil

• little salt

• knob of butter


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