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Recipe: vegetable curry like top chef Bas van Kranen makes | Culinary

Vegetable curry (4 pers)

500 gr peeled Jerusalem artichoke in cubes

500 gr peeled celeriac in cubes

2 finely chopped shallots

100 ml of rapeseed oil

200 gr cavolo nero in rough chunks

200 gr green cabbage, cut into large pieces

200 gr pointed cabbage, roughly chopped

200 g coarsely chopped kale

300 gr halved Brussels sprouts

150 gr wafer-thin rings of radish

150 gr of sliced ​​chicory in ice-cold water



Caramelise Jerusalem artichoke and celeriac in rapeseed oil over a fairly high heat and then let shallot sweat along. Blanch cabbage and Brussels sprouts for 2 minutes, rinse with ice cold water and drain. Stew all vegetables (except rettich, chicory) in some rapeseed oil and keep warm.

for the sauce

40 gr flat parsley

200 gr nasturtium

(or 60 gr fresh coriander)

100 gr wild garlic (or 3 garlic cloves

1 l oat milk (or coconut milk)

150 ml of rapeseed oil

100 ml garum (or fish sauce)

100 ml gooseberry juice (or juice from

3 limes)

200 gr horseradish grater

100 g light muscovado sugar

Preparation Blend the above ingredients (except garum, gooseberry juice, horseradish, muscovado) with the hand blender and cook this sauce to the desired thickness (add extra oat milk if necessary). Season with garum, gooseberry juice, horseradish and muscovado. Serve vegetables in bowls and pour sauce generously over them. Garnish with chicory and radish.


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