Record: Batman comic auctioned for $ 2.2 million in the US

In 1940 you could buy it at the counter for only 10 cents. Now a Batman comic has been sold at auction in the United States for an insane 2.2 million dollars. It is the worldwide auction record for a Batman magazine, as the Spiegel reports. According to the auction house Heritage Auctions, the buyer of the Batman # 1 wants to remain anonymous.

The magazine is in almost perfect condition and sold to fans for $ 3,000 in 1979. The previous record holder was, by the way, the 1939 “Detective Comics # 27” magazine, which shows the first appearance of the Batman character and which was auctioned for 1.5 million dollars.

One can, of course, argue admirably whether this is not utter madness. After all, we’re talking about a comic book, nothing more and nothing less. But where there are collectors, there are known to be collector’s items. What was your most expensive collector’s item so far?

If you want to be one of those people who get 2.2 million dollars for their comic book and don’t pay for it in 2120, then take a look at the Panini shop. There you can find all kinds of German Batman comics *, also in the chic savings subscription or trial bundle. Also the new edition of the Detective Comics, as well as the new anthology by Batman Damned *, which will appear in January. He offers all three editions of the Damned series at a special price. Of course, collectors use the hardcover version *, which is limited to 555 units.

Images: Batman Damned, Panini


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