Record quarter Apple due to high demand for iPhone 12

This was due to the strong sales of the iPhone 12. A relatively large number of people had been waiting for this, because they were the first iPhones with support for the fast 5G networks. The iPhone 12 only came on the market in October, while Apple normally releases the new iPhones in September.

111 billion turnover

Apple’s revenue in the first quarter of its broken fiscal year was $ 111.4 billion. Net income was $ 28.7 billion in the quarter, another record. A year earlier, total sales of almost $ 92 billion were achieved, with a profit of $ 22.2 billion.

According to Apple, sales were particularly good in China, with a plus of 57 percent. Sales outside the US accounted for 64 percent of revenue.

Also more Macs, iPads and AirPods

In addition to strong demand for iPhones, Apple also had the wind in its sails due to the high levels of home working and education in the corona era, with increased demand for iMac computers, iPads and MacBooks. Wearable gadgets such as AirPods and the Apple Watch also sold well. Furthermore, more was earned with services such as iCloud and Apple TV +.

1.65 billion active Apple devices

Apple CEO Tim Cook says there are now a total of 1.65 billion active Apple devices, compared to 1.5 billion a year ago. According to Cook, the number of active iPhones is now 1 billion.


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