Record value: 61% of German owners would recommend Tesla without being asked

A study clearly confirms the impression that Tesla does not simply have customers in Germany, but rather fans – at least to an unusually large extent – 61 percent of German Tesla owners would actively recommend the brand, even if they were not asked emerges from a representative survey by puls Marktforschung. The result is well above average and is called the “best value” by the market research company.

Jaguar with active fans straight to Tesla

If asked, according to further information from puls, 71 percent of German owners would recommend Tesla to others – they are referred to as “passive” instead of active fans. In both cases, Tesla comes out on top. Second among the passive recommendations is the search engine with 63 percent, among the active ones, Jaguar (54 percent), another car brand, made it directly behind Tesla. On average, brands on the German market have an active fan rate of 27 percent and a passive fan rate of 39.1 percent, according to puls.

Tesla is therefore more than twice as good as the average, especially with active recommenders, which should also account for part of its success – the company still hardly spends any money on advertising. It is interesting that with Jaguar a rather exotic brand is in second place here, Audi is the only German in the top 10 with 42 percent active fans only following in eighth place. But Tesla not only leaves other automakers far behind in terms of active and passive recommendations but also Apple, for example.

Recommendations as a digital currency

“Obviously, Tesla provides its customers with particularly clear and sustainable reasons for recommending them,” said puls Managing Director Konrad Weßner, commenting on the results. In an environment with digitalization of information and purchasing behavior, active fans would become the “new currency” for the success of companies and brands. This development will be exacerbated by the corona pandemic.

The ratio of active to passive fans calculated by puls is also high at Tesla, but not at the highest level. Here, the three young online brands Outfittery, Circ and Fyeo achieved the full rate with 100 percent each, while Tesla was slightly behind Jaguar with 85 percent in this regard. But perhaps the environment is also quite right that not every convinced Tesla owner tries to introduce such an electric car to others without asking, because there are gradually quite a few in Germany.


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