Rector boss Seidler fears more dropouts

In Seidler’s opinion, the universities had the technical implementation of distance operation well under control: “But both teachers and students show a certain amount of fatigue. A university is not just a school for young adults, ”she said on Tuesday. Because the universities and colleges are also a place for discussion and social and societal exchange. But that has practically come to a standstill since March.

Instead of being able to enjoy student life, many are currently getting lonely in their student apartments. In addition, the typical student jobs in catering or night-time catering – often the most important source of income for aspiring academics – are currently nonexistent.

At the moment, students are increasingly making use of the advisory services, including people who would never have thought of the idea before, says the studied materials scientist.

Seidler now fears more dropouts. “But I have no evidence for it, that’s just a gut feeling.” The Uniko office also confirms that there are still no statistics on examination activities during the Corona crisis.

The universities must soon and gradually restore their presence, demands the Uniko president. This requires tests, but also vaccinations, and support from the Ministry of Education. Because she does not think that simple “pure testing” in courses is possible, because that would have to happen every time “when you meet – that is, every day”. That is not possible at universities with tens of thousands of students.

In the past summer semester, 382,945 were enrolled at the 22 Austrian universities and colleges, 54 percent of them women. 52,000 students were enrolled at universities of applied sciences and around 11,000 at private universities.

After a change in the statistical rules, Austria’s rate of university graduates has now skyrocketed to 30 percent, just below the OECD average of 34 percent. The big question is whether this quota can be maintained.


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