Reddit and Discord are closing pro-Trump forums

In the wake of the storming of the Capitol on Wednesday, US President Donald Trump lost his profiles on various social media. But it clearly doesn’t stop there. Now the forums of Trump’s fans on Reddit and Discord have also been shut down.

They were hallucinatory images, the thousands of supporters of US President Donald Trump breaking into the Capitol. Although that storming did not really come as a surprise, it was the result of the years of frustration of the supporters of Donald Trump. And those are strongly reflected on subreddits and Discord servers.


The subreddit r / The_Donald was shut down by Reddit about six months ago. It was then part of a large-scale clean-up of the platform, following the Black Lives Matterprotests.

Thousands of pages, which, according to Reddit, spread hatred, were then removed. So, among that was the popular r / The_Donald subreddit, a popular pro-Trump subreddit, where Republicans shared right-wing memes, among other things. But, according to Reddit, there were also things that could be seen as hatred and racism. In addition to r / The_Donald, other far-right and far-left subreddits were also shut down at the time. But this wasn’t the only pro-Trump subreddit on the platform.

r / donaldtrump

Before r / The_Donald was removed, r / donaldtrump was the more moderate subreddit for Trump supporters. But after r / The_Donald was removed, many switched to r / donaldtrump. As a result, there were now also a lot of extremist Trump supporters to be found there.

That caused the violent storming of the Capitol to be glorified on the subreddit, something that was not acceptable for Reddit. In a statement to Mashable, Reddit explains why. “Reddit’s policy prohibits content that promotes, encourages, glorifies or incites or incites hatred against groups or individuals. Following this, we appeal to moderators to remind them of the rules and also offer extra help should the need arise. We have therefore taken action to remove the r / donaldtrump community for its repeated breaches of the rules in the days following the violence at the Capitol. ”

At the time the subreddit was removed, it had more than 52,000 members.


Another popular platform is Discord. Several pro-Trump servers can be found there too. One of these was TheDonald, where Trump supporters once again shared memes and opinions about President Donald Trump.

“There is no evidence that the server was used to stage the January 6 riots, but Discord has decided to ban the server TheDonald because of its open link to an online forum used to incite violence, an armed insurrection. in the United States and spread harmful disinformation related to election fraud in the US in 2020. ”


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