Referee Allard Lindhout acknowledges VAR blunder: ‘We didn’t have the rules ready’ | Football

Opposite ESPN Lindhout admits that according to the rules the VAR should not have intervened. “The moment Drommel takes the goal kick, I walk away with my back to the situation. Then I tracked the VAR, but I shouldn’t have done that. We did not have the rules ready at that time. ”

Lindhout immediately contacted VAR Marc Nagtegaal afterwards. “He is disappointed with this too. We need to evaluate this properly so that it doesn’t happen again. It is often thought that the protocols are designed and drawn up by the referees. But we are not at the drawing board. Anyway, I find this very annoying. ”

‘Someone who doesn’t know the rules’

Trainer Ron Jans was the victim with his FC Twente. “The VAR is not intended for this at all,” said Jans. “The VAR fixes gross errors and that happens regularly. But this is not the VAR. This is someone who doesn’t seem to know the rules. But maybe there will be another story: yes, the referee has informed. We are not happy with the VAR. ”


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