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Have you already planned a longer tour for this season – maybe even the annual holiday? Just let the wind blow in your face for several days, enjoy great curves and in the evening chat a bit with like-minded people? This is motorcycling at its finest.

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The technical requirements

Of course, the two-wheeler must be checked 1A in advance for the trip:

· Tires still okay and with enough profile for the long tour?
· Oil and brake fluid checked, possibly due inspection carried out?
· Checking and possible replacement of all wearing parts?
· Chassis set for more luggage and possibly a passenger?
· Equipment complete

Then nothing stands in the way of the long-awaited tour from the technical side.

The human factor: Fit for the motorcycle

Unfortunately, one aspect – perhaps even the most important – is often underestimated or simply forgotten: What about the driver? Is your physical fitness sufficient to survive a long trip well and relaxed? Because one thing is clear – motorcycling is sport. Unusual heights at Alpine passes, high temperatures in the valley or constant rain on arrival can really take a toll on the untrained body and make the holiday trip a strain. In addition, there is a gradual dehydration, because in the intoxication of the curves, drinking is simply not enough.

Tips for long tours

That’s why the following applies: Get your body going before your tour. Start training at least a few weeks beforehand. Swimming or walking and moderate strength training do wonders here. A check-up at the doctor’s can’t hurt either. In addition, all the necessary medicines and a first-aid kit, which protects against the most common ailments, are in your carry-on luggage. On the tour itself, make sure you take sufficient and regular breaks. Drink a lot – calculate with 5 ml of drink per hour and kilo of body weight. That’s ¼ liter per hour for a person weighing 50 kg! Light snacks keep you focused. If the bike is then perfectly adjusted to the rider, nothing stands in the way of fun in the curves.

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You should pay attention to this:

· Ergonomic and relaxed sitting position – no hollow back
· Palms in a straight extension from forearm
· Lay your hands on them loosely – do not support them
· Levers correctly spaced

So drive for hours!

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