Rein to Danny during MAFS couple weekend: ‘Shut up’

Initially Danny tells on arrival on the couples weekend that he and Rein have spoken less to each other. Then the men decide that they are going to make the most of it during this weekend.

Later the couple has a chat with their expert, Eveline. “Last weekend there was a bit of a collision and I had a bit of a crack”, Rein says during that chat. “That also made me think.” Rein found it difficult that Danny did fun things with friends. “Where am I in this story?” he wonders aloud.

When asked whether there is love, Rein says that he does feel it. “At times there is love. I really felt it during the honeymoon.” Danny finds his partner difficult to fathom. “Rein thinks he is very clear, but I don’t see those signals that way.” When Rein is asked if he sees Danny as relationship material, he confirms this, to which Danny says that he has not really noticed.

Ultimately, Rein and Danny, along with a handful of other candidates, sit in a jacuzzi. When Danny then interrupts Rein’s story, the latter comes out of the corner. “Would you shut that up for a while?” Danny then says: “Buck, I have a mouth. You can say it properly or I’m done with it.”

But they still like each other and the two even speak out to each other that they want to go for it, as shown in the video below.


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