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Relationship: Signs that you are staying together – or failing

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Every relationship has its ups and downs. But how do you know that a relationship will survive its lows in the long run? The question of whether a relationship works in the long term, or whether it will break up, is not only a concern for couples, but also for science.

A new study is now shedding light on artificial intelligence to determine the top 10 signs that indicate either the functioning or the failure of a relationship. Thanks to the technology, the researchers were able to evaluate the results of 43 studies from all over the world. The studies included interviews with more than 11,000 couples and information about whether these couples had stayed together.

The results of the research team were recently published in the “Proceedings” magazine of the US National Academy of Science. Five of the ten factors that indicate whether a relationship will last relate to the personality of the individual relationship partner. The other five related to their respective relationships.

The personal factors were important for the duration of a relationship – but the most significant was the way in which the partners treated each other. “The dynamics you build in dealing with each other – shared norms and values, jokes, shared experiences – is so much more than just the two individuals that make up the relationship,” said study’s lead author, Samantha Joel the magazine “Inverse”. Joel heads the Relationships Decision Lab at Canadian Western University.

We have summarized for you what ten factors you and your research colleagues identified in the study in a picture gallery.

10 signs that your relationship will work or fail


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