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Relax 7 times in the bathroom

1: Relax by candlelight

To relax in the bathroom, it is important to give our senses soothing stimuli. We start with the eyes. In the average household, the bathroom is fairly bright. If you have a dimmer, dim the lighting. What you can do is turn off the lighting and place candles around the room. It is not without reason that this is something you often see at spas.

2: Tunes to relax with

On with our ears. Music has more influence than we would like on our state of mind. Especially quiet songs promote that you feel relaxed. If you relax when you can sing along with uptempo songs, go for it. Need inspiration? There are true Spotify playlists specially composed for your relaxing moment in the bathroom. Search the app for ‘bathroom’ and make your choice.

3: In scents and colors

Fragrances can make you feel extra relaxed in your home spa. Consider, for example, candles and bath or shower products with the scent of lavender, eucalyptus, mandarin or chamomile. And don’t forget the soothing scents (and colors) of plants. Atmosphere makers!

4: Natural materials bring peace

When you look at spas, warm natural materials are often used. Something that is not for nothing. It subconsciously relaxes our body. You can think of accessories such as a bamboo bathroom rack, storage baskets with a natural look, wooden bath mat and natural stone sink.

Wood in a damp room? This duo can go well together if you know which wood types you can go for. Teak, jatoba, iroko, merbau wood and bamboo (plant) do well in the bathroom. In order to enjoy your wooden and bamboo stuff for as long as possible, it is wise to open a window regularly for ventilation. In addition, it is important that you wipe the items with a dry cloth to prevent water residues from remaining.

5: Tidy is neat

Tidy house, tidy mind. A cliché that certainly applies to the bathroom. Make sure that all odds and ends and (dirty) laundry are cleaned up. Preferably keep the room nice and quiet.

6: Soft towels

It’s a very obvious tip: make sure your towels are silky smooth. By wrapping yourself in a large, soft towel, you spontaneously imagine yourself in a hotel. Put on a bathrobe and slippers and you’re done.

7: Avoid crowds immediately

As tempting as it may be, try to maintain that relaxed feeling after your home spa ritual. Avoid reaching straight for your phone. For example, dive into the wool early, read a good novel or watch a series where you can reset your mind. Park the thinking for after your night’s sleep and give yourself some time to recharge your battery first.

This way you can start the new week relaxed anyway.


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