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“As soon as we wrote in a newsletter that we were reopening, many phone calls and online reservations started coming in. It looked like the fair ”, says Esther van der Plas, owner of massage company Doctor Feelgood in Amsterdam.

According to the entrepreneur, there was no sign of any hesitation among customers to undergo a massage, even though the corona virus is still circulating. According to her, all the work from home increases the need for a massage. Bad sitting postures at improvised desks often lead to repetitive strain injuries and tension in the neck and shoulders. Good relations with regular customers also helped with the flow of appointments for the three locations of Doctor Feelgood.

“I also think we have a professional image,” says Van der Plas. She further refers to the medical masks that are used and the use of air purification equipment. “We even have benches outside so people can go there if they feel uncomfortable.”


That many people missed beauty treatments during the hard lockdown, noted founder Sevda Acar of Beauty Junkies in Hengelo. “I have received so many flowers from customers since we reopened, it just felt like my birthday,” says the entrepreneur who runs the beauty salon with five employees together with her sister. “Eyebrow treatments, massages and pedicures, people are just very happy that they can spend time on themselves again.”

Beauty Junkies is fully booked for the entire month of March. Although her business opens a bit earlier than usual, Acar does not want to stretch the opening hours to the extreme to accommodate the crowds. “You now hear that with some fellow entrepreneurs, but I don’t because I want everything to be extra safe. However you turn it, we have to keep to the agreement so that more companies can open, such as the catering industry. ”


Acar said he was a little nervous whether all customers would understand the strict precautions. “I was purely curious about how the crowds would develop. Wouldn’t customers come too early, and do they come alone instead of with several people? But in the end everything turned out to be okay. ”

ANBOS, the trade association for beauticians, is pleased that members can receive customers again. The organization previously emphasized that the hygiene regulations are the same as those for cosmetic doctors, for example. According to the organization, the reopening is also desperately needed because six out of ten beauticians have not or hardly been helped by the support schemes of the government. Many reserves and savings of beauticians have therefore already evaporated, according to the organization.


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