Remake by P.T. is played with a 33 year old Mac tool

A fan recreated the demo for the never released Silent Hills with the HyperCard software released in 1987.

P.T., the playable demo too Hideo Kojimas Silent Hills, which has never been published, has remained 5 years after its original publication at Playstation 4 not worn out yet. Since the mini horror game can no longer be downloaded, many fans try their own interpretations. One of them is particularly unusual.

The developer Ryan Trawick has reproduced the game in a slightly modified form in the ancient Mac engine HyperCard. It has its very own monochrome style, which makes the display minimalistic but still sufficiently creepy. The hallway that players have to go through over and over again has all the details needed for the horror experience and the animations are good enough to occasionally scare them.

Simple Apple program

HyperCard was created in 1987 for Apple developed and was mainly used for presentations. But it could also be used for games. So the first version of Myst was built in HyperCard. The associated programming language HyperTalk was simple enough to be accessible even for beginners.

“Hyper P.T.”, how Trawicks Game means is on for Windows, Mac and Linux available. It was created as part of a game jam.


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