Renate Gerschtanowitz pays tribute to Guusje Nederhorst

Renate has been happy for about twenty years with her great love Winston. When the two got to know each other Good times Bad Times-actress Guusje the ‘overbuuf’ of the Gold Coast-actor. They had also become good friends. Renate describes Guusje as an ‘open, happy and sweet woman’ in her ode on Instagram. “She will always be in my memory,” said the presenter.

Guusje’s legacy includes her children’s book series woezel and Pip, which the children of Renate and Winston enjoyed very much in their younger years. “She was no longer there by then, but during the reading you heard Guusje and her fantasy,” writes the presenter. The stories of the deceased actress have been re-released in a ‘special’ anniversary booklet. “I browse through it with melancholy and a smile on my face,” said Renate. “You had to know what you left behind,” she tells Guusje.

Renate recently decided to leave SBS. She told RTL Boulevard about her future plans in the video below.


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