Renault 4 (2025): Comeback as an electric SUV with retro details

But the naming is still unclear – internally, the project is currently to be called “4ever”, This designation has already been protected at the European Patent Office. It remains to be seen whether it will also be used for the series or whether an R4 will soon be available from dealers again. The resolution should come before the market launch, which is expected in 2025.

New Renault 4 could be significantly different from the model

In contrast to the new electric version of the R5, the Renault 4 seems to be significantly further removed from the model: Apparently it is being reborn as an SUV! How the electric car could look is shown in the AUTO BILD illustration. Like the R5, the R4 will probably also be on the CMF-B-EV platform. It is likely to adopt the boxy basic shape of its ancestor, built from 1961, in a modified form. For example, it can be assumed that the windshield is larger and more inclined. Since the electric car does not actually need a grill, this part of the front should be closed; however, the frame could accommodate the newly interpreted headlights. In between is with one modified Renault logo including a central “4” to be expected. The fine grill grille of the prototype could be reinterpreted to close the lower air inlet, and other details such as the vertical brackets of the bumpers have the chance to be reborn as a color-contrasting decorative element. Retro elements in the new design can also be found at the rear, such as the vertical taillights. In addition, there are some features of current fashion, for example all-round planking or a dark roof. The retractable door handles in our illustration would be useful for aerodynamics.

R4 cockpit probably with new infotainment based on Google

Rumor has it that Renault is planning a cargo version without a window in the rear. In terms of drive and range, there is still no information, the same applies to the interior. Here, however, it can be assumed that the Renault 4 will receive the new Google-based infotainment system, which will celebrate its premiere in the R5.

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